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Zone Arctanis: Walkways Now Available

A new standalone set in the Zone Arctanis range is now available to buy on the Arctanis Games Store.

Zone Arctanis: Walkways features 25 walkway platforms, including straight sections, corners, and intersections. The set allows the construction of a wide variety of 3D printable multi-level modular industrial cyberpunk sci-fi walkways, ideal for tabletop wargames, skirmish games and 28mm - 35mm miniatures.

This set is compatible with the previous sets in the Zone Arctanis range, but does not require them, so it's ideal for anyone who isn't interested in any of the larger Zone Arctanis terrain sets, who still wants to add some 3D printable industrial cyberpunk sci-fi walkways to their tabletop battlefields.

For anyone who already owns some of the Zone Arctanis range, you can get the new parts included in this new set via the Walkway Junctions add-on, available on the Zone Arctanis: Vol. 1 late pledge page on MyMiniFactory.

Zone Arctanis: Walkways


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