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A.R.C. Container Transport: Late Pledges Available

If you're looking for a 3D printable shipping container transport, with cab and trailer, which you can use either as a vehicle or as terrain in your sci-fi, cyberpunk, grimdark & wasteland 28mm - 35mm tabletop wargames & RPGs, but missed the A.R.C. Container Transport Kickstarter campaign, late pledges are now available on MyMiniFactory.


MyMiniFactory Summer Sale: Arctanis Games Store 30% Off

Arctanis Games is participating in this year's MyMiniFactory summer sale.

Until the end of August 2022, use the code ARCTANIS2022SMR to get 30% off all items in the Arctanis Games MyMiniFactory Store including 3D printable barrels, crates, initiative trackers, spell templates and a dice tray.

MyMiniFactory Summer Sale - Use Code ARCTANIS2022SMR


June 2022
A.R.C. Container Transport Campaign

A.R.C. Container Transport

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November 2021
A.R.C. Container District Campaign

A.R.C. Container District

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June 2021
Barrels, Crates & Drums Campaign

Barrels, Crates & Drums

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April 2021
Dungeon Master's Combat Toolkit Campaign

DM's Combat Toolkit

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February 2021
Architech: Plants & Trees Campaign

Architech: Plants & Trees

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