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Zone Arctanis Vol. 1: Late Pledges on MyMiniFactory

Late pledges are now available on MyMiniFactory for Zone Arctanis Vol. 1.

Zone Arctanis is a range of industrial cyberpunk sci-fi terrain inspired by card and plastic terrain from the 1990s, ideal for 28mm - 35mm miniatures and designed for support-free printing on FDM printers. Zone Arctanis Vol. 1 collected the first three sets of the range into a crowdfunding campaign to allow the development of the range to continue.

Zone Arctanis: Vol. 1 Campaign


May 2024
Zone Arctanis: Vol. 1

Zone Arctanis: Vol. 1

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March 2024
Zone Arctanis: The Hideout Campaign

Zone Arctanis: The Hideout

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November 2023
Zone Arctanis: The Generator Campaign

Zone Arctanis: The Generator

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September 2023
Zone Arctanis: The Tower Campaign

Zone Arctanis: The Tower

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